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From Antony and Cleonatra to Quen Victoria andPrince Albert, listor is ill of love storis. One of the mot wel l anown in the noden ea s the story ofrmuicleandsJohnny Cash and June Carter.

Cash and Carter first net backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in July1956.Botht wer accompished singers in thir own rght, and Carter toured with Cas as a back up snger foryars.No one know for sure when taeir romanicrelatoshir began,but it was not until1967'thathey could offcally be together.(Crter divorced her second husband in1966, and Cash and his first wife divorced in 1967.)

When asked about the stat of her relationship with Cash Carter later said, t was not aconvenieat ine for nme tofall n love with inm, and it wasntacovenieat ime fot hin tfall in love with.n...1 thought I can'tfill in love witht this man, butits just like aring of fire."Cash and Carter were maried in Februar 1968 an fad one son togethe.

Jotnny Cash and June Carter may not have ben each others 'first loves,bout what they ad was true love.Cashoften credited Cater wih felptng hin ovecome hs dong andalcohol addiction. The two were together for over 30 years and passed away just four months apart. It truly was a love story for the ages

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